Sunday, 22 July 2012

Letter to Sweet

Hi there, thought i could sing but heck No! I can only rep the Mic. People around just ask who this is but let me just break it down to you am Kenju, i guess there are many of us there but this particular one from the 254.

I don't know why the world has to be so cruel but Sweet I always thought there was something between us. I see you sweet and my heart just pops out like bottle top on a Coke. For you I would do anything you wish.

Sweet, when i see you, my mind goes as blank as a new book waiting to be filled in with writings. Many are the times my friends just say, "Hey Man just let her Go". I often listen to them just as mother would tell her child, but problem is I can't she has got me into this quagmire of thoughts and am thinking like should I move on or should I try more.

Sweet, I would like to transform like Chris Brown and be like Lil Twist so that I can sing to you "Love Affair" because this sole issue of love is Killing Me Softly just as Alicia Keys puts it. Sweet I ain't no rock artist but i bet I can rep the Mic just as Biggie used to rep it in his days. So Sweet, let Kenju be Kenju and not a knockoff version of Kenju that just tries to impress you.

But anyway this i guess will be my last calling, I will not stand there and let Kenju254 be blown away like a wilting leaf is blown away into the skies and vanishes. Kenju254 is like the Statue of Liberty who will be alive many decades to come in hearts of people around him.

Please Sweet, stop giving me mixed signals, Let me be as free as a bird that flies into the sky fearing no one. Sweet, i want to let go but i cant, I don't know what kind of voodoo is actually being used. Its like am enchanted. There is nothing I guess i haven't done, evening the venting has been done, pouring my heart out like wine on wine glass.

I don't know who else has been into this quagmire of events? Am I the only one? And what should I do next? Should I go on ? Should I just drop her like a database on my  local server? Because this database is tampering with my local server. Am torn apart on the "sijui niseme Yes ama No"?

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