Sunday, 23 December 2012

Was I hacking or being hacked?

Dear Diary,

Its been a week since i last posted anything here. Don't worry folks, its the examination fever and Oh My Gosh!!! as my friend Ponkshi likes to put it, how can i have time to blog when all i could think about is not getting a 'D' on my transcript.

End Of Sophomore
One thing we have to know is that every beginning has to have an end my Sophomore year just came to an end. What an year it has been? Made a lot of cool friends, The 'Mayor' on top of the list, Ponkshi, Biggie, Amateur , Msovti , Alpachino, Reezy and how can I forget the main man , Tom1mt. This guys made my last semester one of the most epic. Come to think of it one of the most epic...

So after, the exams what a better way to relax than to attend a hackathon. All i can remember before starting the hackathon was Einstein saying "Imagination is more important than knowledge." So I come up with this wild idea and I go up ahead and present it, everyone gives me there 5 minutes and at the moment, you feel like you own everyone, because everyone is busy trying to understand what I am talking about.

Its time to vote for the best ideas in the building and apparently nobody shows up for my idea. So I hit the 'Mayor' up and i ask him, hey come up and help me out on this one. The Mayor shows up and since he is the lead developer, I ask update him on my idea and he is like. Do you remember when the Winklevoss approached Zuckerberg about Harvard Connect and there was nothing that made it different from Friendster and MySpace? Oh yea I remember.... So without thinking hesitating i saw his point and it hit me, why dont we try something else.

Zuckerberg Effect
So after the Mayor reminding me of that occurence, we did not hesitate and immediately we started working on the our baby. Since the 'Mayor ' is a Pythonista it was definate which language we were going to use. In a minute or so Reezy was in the building and joined our group, he was to handle user experience. Cliff was another Pythonista making us three now, and we were now good to go.

Let the Hacking Begin.
By this time almost every group had gone very far with their ideas, so we new we had to write tonnes of code and finish by morning. We started by doing and analysis and design and we were good to go. 

It was one crazy night, because you are chasing time and you are coding and there is something else that is after you, Sleep. At about 3.00 am in the morning, sleep had taken most individual in the group, but we had the 'Mayor' who didn't even stop a bit, not even a wink, all that he experienced were wide long yawns that could swallow you alive. I hope you are getting the picture.

Its now morning and the 'Mayor' is feeling tired having not slept in the night just doing the design and prototype of the web application and there he was with a complete version of the app.

As I write this i am preparing the presentation our application. So you will allow me to leave you for a bit and when I come back I will show tell you what went down.

For now Adios!


  1. I'm actually waiting for the next episode!

    THE mayor.

  2. Black Virus. There definately has to be a PARTII

  3. "Let the hacking begin". reminds me of Zuckerberg's post break up coding.